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3 Questions about the Divorce Process

3 Questions about the Divorce Process that we get asked the most.

How to Work Best With Your Divorce Attorney?

Want some advice? Just tell someone you are getting a divorce and you will get plenty of it. It seems everyone wants to tell you their stories of horrible experiences in their divorce (or a story they heard!)
The one person you should listen to is your attorney. This is what they do – all day every day and many have been in practice for years if not decades. Attorneys will tell you not only what you want to hear – but also what you need to hear even if you may not want to hear it!

This is why it is crucial to select an attorney that not only knows the business, but that you feel comfortable with. They will know you very well – all you secrets you might say – by the time you are done with the divorce process.

How Can I Keep Control My Divorce Costs?

There are quite a few things you can do to help control costs.

The first step is to be fully aware of the specifics of the retainer you sign. Understand you can have the legal services tailored to your needs. In other words, you are not requires to have the attorney do every single things if you feel capable of handling certain portions on your own. Can you and your spouse agree on what to do with your home? Then let the attorneys know that and they do not need to be involved.

As discussed in previous articles, mediation is a great way to keep costs down in your divorce process. If you can get help to come to an agreement about any parts of your divorce with utilizing an attorney to (at worst) represent you in court you are going to save money.

Mediators are good as they help identify the issues and guide the parties in interest-based negotiating. Your attorney may be required for the limited scope of providing you with counsel as you negotiate and review any agreements. It might even be your attorney that handles this mediation!

How Can I Best Help My Divorce Process?

As noted above, to be most helpful (and streamline and be cost effective) do your homework and choose the best process for your divorce.

Do you the help of a tough lawyer to help you fight tough battles? Or are you more in need of a negotiator – someone who can help the two of you sort through the issues causing the dissolution of marriage?

Managing these decisions up front makes for a much smoother path for all involved.

Invest the time to decide the kind of process you want this to be. Look at goals for both of you (if that is possible) for not only the short term but also the long term from:

A financial perspective
An emotional perspective
A practical perspective

Use this information to help your attorney understand where you need help. Then they can guide you to the best process and manage expectations. When your attorney has a good idea of your goals, your needs, and your positions, then they can work to help you get there.

Listen to what your attorney says (after all you are paying for advice!), and ask questions so the two of you are on the same page.

Be particularly diligent with your records. Great record keeping and documents help an attorney do a much better job.


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