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5 Ways to Reduce Divorce Stress

5 Ways to Reduce Divorce Stress – The very act of divorce is bad enough without all the added stress.

Does anyone doubt the stress levels of those going through divorce? Certainly many parts of the proceedings will be out of your control, but there are definitely things you can control and steps you can take to reduce your level of stress.

#1. Your legal representation makes all the difference!

Because divorce is so very personal, it is crucial that your lawyer is someone you can trust, someone who you feel comfortable working with and someone who you feel comfortable taking advice from. You will be communicating personal financial information, relationship information and other things that many feel uncomfortable sharing with strangers. Make sure to invest the time to choose a lawyer best suited to help you. Do not leave this decision up to referral from friends or relatives

#2. You might need a team of advisors!

Depending on the complexity of your divorce, it might be beneficial to build a team of experts to help you. Depending on the nature of your marital estate you may need the assistance of other professionals. Financial planners, business valuation experts, and tax advisors all fall under this category. Again, if you start with a lawyer you trust, he/she may be able to recommend these professionals – but you still need to make the choice. Having these professionals at your side can go a long way to eliminating stress based on making incorrect or uninformed decisions.

3. Once hired – let them work!

Now that you have assembled this team of experts, and you have invested the effort to know them well enough to trust them – let them do the job you are paying them to do. In doing so you can release the stress associated with the decisions they make in your name. Do not be adversarial or demanding, just watch what they do and stay informed.

#4. Stay informed!

Uncertainty and doubt create stress. This is why you have hired professionals. They are familiar with the process as they work it daily as a career. Take advantage of their knowledge. Be sure to read everything they send to you and do not be afraid to question anything you do not understand. Staying informed and trusting their expertise will help your confidence rise and lower stress allowing you to participate in the proceedings in a much calmer and clear manner.

#5. Decide what really matters!

Before you go into the legal proceedings s, spend some time and be very clear on what is most important to you. Clarity on what you want to fight provides motivation and confidence. Is property important but no other assets? Are the children most important? Make these decisions up front and let the rest go. Any time, energy and money you spend fighting over things that really do not matter in the long run are detrimental to you and the process. On the other hand focus and clarity provide strength.


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