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Bankruptcy Law Firms in Albuquerque

What do bankruptcy law firms do?

The short answer is they represent people in bankruptcy. The long answer is that bankruptcy law firms advise and counsel individuals and businesses in financial matters. Ideally, you should seek a lawyer who specializes in financial law and bankruptcy law before you are in a final position to file for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy law firms should specialize and assist their clients with financial legal matters, not just bankruptcies.

There are definitely times when people will need to actually file for bankruptcy. These decisions should not be made with out considerable thought and guidance from someone who completely understands the ins and outs of the choice.

First of all, you may believe bankruptcy is your best option but how can you be sure if you don’t know all the options. Bankruptcy law firms should take time to fully understand your financial situation and advise you in a decision that will be Most Financially Beneficial for you.

Some of the options bankruptcy law firms can discuss with you are:

Providing your financial lawyer, bankruptcy attorney, or financial adviser with your complete story is imperative to your success. Your lawyer is completely committed to achieving what is in your best interest. Disclosing all information is your responsibility, without a full picture of your situation you can’t expect your best results.

Some information bankruptcy law firms may ask you to provide:

Financial Records .

  • Most recent bank statements
  • Most recent bills from every creditor
  • Most recent payment coupons for vehicles (lease or purchase), real estate, and student loans
  • Bills or invoices for purchases in the last year
  • Receipts

Legal Records

  • Files from previous litigation, including especially any judgments that have been entered against you
  • Files from previous attorneys
  • Any divorce decree or other court order that requires you to pay child support or maintenance

Additional Documents

  • Canceled Checks for any expense you cannot otherwise document
  • ALL your correspondence with or regarding creditors, especially threat letter
  • ALL insurance policies
  • Tax returns for the last three years
  • Vehicle titles
  • Your lease or mortgage
  • Any promissory notes you have signed
  • Other documents relating to debts you owe other people
  • Any proof that anyone owes you money
  • Any lawsuits with which you have been served

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