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Child Custody Mediation – with New Mexico Family Law part 2

Child Custody 1

The mediator can help you with the child custody issues that need to be resolved. Issues will first be separated into categories in terms of importance and time such as; the visitation and custody schedule, a list of exceptions for the regularly scheduled visit surrounding vacations and holidays, the best way for parents to communicate with each other, issues such as medical care, school and private activities and at one point the custody agreement may change in the future.

Reaching solutions to custody issues

Your family’s situation will play a big part in the time spent on each custody issue. To help with mediation each parent needs to openly talk about what they feel is fair and must be willing to listen to the other’s side. Try to be guided by and focused on what is in the best interest of your child.

Preparing the custody agreement

Now that the custody issues have been addressed the mediator can help you prepare the custody agreement. Make sure the custody agreement reflects your understanding of how the agreement is going to work. If you have a separate family lawyer they should examine it before it is submitted to the court. If there are issues left unsettled the courts will step.

Understanding the difference in the forms of custody is important. Legal custody involves the rights of parents to make decisions about education, health care, religion, activities, etc. Physical custody is where the child’s primary residence is located.

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Child Custody

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