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Beware of Debt Consolidation Companies

Most so-called credit counseling or debt consolidation companies cannot provide you with benefits that you get by negotiating with your creditors yourself or with an attorney. Even legitimate agencies won’t give you the same fresh start and legal protection that bankruptcy can.

Debt Consolidation

Let’s say you are facing financial issues and even might be to the point where paying the normal bills becomes difficult. Now (if not before) is the time to start thinking about solutions before the options become much more limited and the problems that much bigger. Unfortunately we have seen this happen all too often!

Debt Consolidation- What You Need to Know!

The process of debt consolidation involves housing many outstanding debts under one loan. It can help to secure a lower interest rate for all of your debt with the ease of making just one payment because now it is only one larger loan. Debt is money owed by you (the debtor) to a second party (the creditor).

Beware of Debt Settlement Scams

Have you gotten a phone call, email or snail mail offering to help you settle your credit card debt? Beware it may be a scam!

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