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Resolving Disputes Through Divorce Mediation, Part 3

Divorce mediation is voluntary at every step of the process. If you begin mediation, and then later decide it’s not right for you, you’re free to pull out of the mediation and pursue litigation. Unlike in collaborative divorce, there is no participation agreement or disqualification agreement binding you or your attorney.

Resolving Disputes Through Divorce Mediation, Part 2

In an uncontested divorce, both parties must be in full agreement on every aspect of the divorce. Now, on the face of it, that sounds crazy, right? How are two people who are terminating their marriage supposed to come to a consensus on issues like division of property, child custody, and alimony? Well, one way is through divorce mediation.

Resolving Disputes Through Divorce Mediation, Part 1

The liberalization of divorce laws has come a long way in the last century. Today, there are only two countries in the world where divorce remains illegal – the Vatican and the Philippines. In the United States, no-fault divorce has made divorce widely available, while the trend continues to run towards more and more divorces being resolved outside of court through processes like collaborative divorce and divorce mediation.

Why Would I Want A Divorce Mediation?

If you are getting divorced you are preparing to enter what will be one of the most difficult emotional events of your life. The pain and agony of divorce is often compared to the death of a parent. On top of the emotional struggle, in a divorce you are faced with the separation of home and family.

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