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The Expanding Roles of Alternative Dispute Resolution, Part 3

Other Online Business Dispute Resolution Programs

The APEC online business dispute resolution program, while innovative, is not unique. Several other online business dispute resolution programs are either under development or already in use around the world. Two companies in this field of particular interest are Equivant and Court Innovations. Both companies create software solutions for the justice system, from court record keeping applications to tools for attorneys.

Together, the Matterhorn system by Court Innovations, supported by other applications from Equivant that allow for the e-filing of forms, allow for a comprehensive online dispute resolution system that is already in place in some municipalities. The Franklin County Municipal Court in Columbus, Ohio, for example, uses these systems to allow citizens to resolve many warrant, ticket, family, and small claims matters online rather than in person in a courtroom. (1) Not only is this more convenient for citizens, but it saves the court system money by lightening its caseload.

Alternative Dispute Resolution is Here to Stay

While online dispute resolution may be the way of the future, for the time being, if you want to take advantage of Alternative Dispute Resolution and its many benefits, you’ll have to do so in person most of the time.

Alternative Dispute Resolution is often a good alternative to litigation. However, some cases are always going to be better handled in a courtroom. To learn more about when ADR is appropriate, and more about the different techniques within ADR, visit our Alternative Dispute Resolution Page.

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