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Divorce Mediation Summary

Mediation Is The Most Preferred Course of Action In Creating A Divorce Decree.

Divorce Mediation provides an alternate method to litigation for the resolution of a divorce or family law matter. New Mexico Financial and Family Law believes that mediation should be the first course of action and only resorts to litigation if mediation fails. In New Mexico, the mediation process includes the submission of extensive information to the mediator by both sides, including counsel, prior to the initial meeting. Most cases can be mediated in a single full day or half day session, depending on the complexity of the case. Sometimes, two or three sessions of mediation could be necessary. In order to be successful in mediation, the client and the lawyer must be fully prepared; the case should be fully analyzed and full investigation of the facts and law completed. The final mediated document will be in the form of an agreement which will normally be incorporated into a proposed court order. The mediation process is by nature less-confrontational and less-adversarial and usually results in a successful settlement since all parties are committed to the mediated settlement.

Although mediation is the preferred course of action in a divorce case, you need a strong and knowledgeable advocate throughout the process. Mediation removes many of the adversarial aspects of a divorce but our firm will protect your rights and provide you with the critical guidance needed concerning the consequences of each ‘mediated agreement.’

When You Really Want New Mexico Financial and Family Law!

When divorces are not simple you want and need an experienced Albuquerque area New Mexico divorce attorney protecting all your interests; protecting your safety, protecting your children, and protecting your personal and financial future. As highly experienced divorce lawyers, New Mexico Financial and Family Law makes sure that our clients get the full protection that New Mexico law allows and, when called for, the clients are supported by his team of professionals; accountants, medical & mental health professionals and financial advisors. New Mexico Financial and Family Law help to assure that both his client’s present and future are equally protected!

If your family law issue or divorce goes to a hearing, you want to be the one with New Mexico Financial and Family Law at your table!

Divorce and Family Law Related Issues

New Mexico Financial and Family Law encompasses a great many areas and the legal strategy and results are highly dependent on a particular case’s or client’s circumstances. New Mexico Financial and Family Law can assist you in addressing all of the legal matters related to Family and Divorce Law. On our New Mexico Financial Law web pages we provide pertinent information on many of the topics in this area but proper legal representation requires detailed discussions between the lawyer and the client on New Mexico Law and your particular circumstance.

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