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Getting a Divorce

Getting a Divorce – Suggested Actions for A Better Outcome.

Part One – Before the Divorce

Divorce is never easy and divorce is not fun. It is a legal proceeding made more difficult by a broad range of emotions. We always recommend a divorce lawyer to help you get the best result.

In addition here are 10 suggested things to do before your divorce.

#1. Divorce is a legal proceeding where two sides often struggle for supremacy using rules of law to win. Accept this as fact and understand that the side with the best understand and mastery of those rules usually wins.

#2. Take precautionary actions and ensure any joint accounts are closed out, and any credit cards and charge accounts are canceled as soon as the issue warrants such action.

#3. Take whatever steps necessary to remove any financial records out of the reach of your spouse and their attorney.

#4. In most cases, it is much better to accept any reasonable settlement before divorce court.

#5. Research and secure the services of the best attorney you can. Determine what fees your lawyer will be charging before hiring!

#6. Take time to explain to your children what is happening – and make sure they understand the divorce has nothing to do with them.

#7. Start a written record of every event pertaining to your divorce. Keep track of names, dates, places, conversation content etc.

#8. Decide if you might need a separate post office box or mail drop to keep mail private.

#9. Invest in a serious self-discussion about the best possible parenting role you have for your children. Who is the best parent and who should they live with?

#10. Be aware that your actions from now on can have a dramatic effect on the outcome of your divorce. Act like it. Do not consider a separation a ‘new-found freedom’ that allows you a singles lifestyle. You are married until legally divorced.

#11. Learn all you can about how divorce works (especially in your state) so you can help your lawyer get the best results. Attend divorce cases to personally see how the courts operate where your case will be heard.

Following these 11 pre-divorce suggestions will go a long way towards helping you get the best results possible for your divorce. To set up a consultation visit New Mexico Financial Law Offices.

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