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Resolving Disputes Through Divorce Mediation, Part 3

This post is the last in a three part series on divorce mediation. If you haven’t already read parts 1 and 2, I recommend you do before continuing.

When is divorce mediation the right choice? (Continued)

Divorce mediation is voluntary at every step of the process. If you begin mediation, and then later decide it’s not right for you, you’re free to pull out of the mediation and pursue litigation. Unlike in collaborative divorce, there is no participation agreement or disqualification agreement binding you or your attorney.

Benefits of divorce mediation

In cases where divorce mediation is appropriate, it has several advantages over a litigated divorce:

  • Cheaper – Mediated divorces incur less lawyers fees and court costs.
  • Faster – Since they are not subject to the schedule of (frequently overloaded) family court systems, mediated divorces tend to be quicker.
  • More control – All agreements are voluntary and written by the parties themselves rather than a judge, affording the ex-couple full control over the outcome of their divorce.
  • Less stressful – Not only does saving all that time and money reduce stress levels, but mediated divorces avoid the adversarial environment of a court proceeding, which many people find stressful.

Choosing the right mediator

It’s up to the mediator to ensure the meetings between the couple remain civil, productive, and focused on coming up with solutions that are mutually beneficial for both parties. In some cases, this can be quite a tall order. The best mediators have extensive training and experience in helping people resolve family law disputes.

Don Harris has over 25 years of experience practicing divorce law in New Mexico, and is certified by both the International Association of Collaborative Professionals and the New Mexico Collaborative Practice Group in collaborative divorce. He also has extensive experience working with divorce mediation in New Mexico, both as a mediator and representing his own clients through mediated divorce.

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