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Why Would I Want A Divorce Mediation?

Divorce Mediation is designed to be less painful for both parties and dependents of the dissolution.

If you are getting divorced you are preparing to enter what will be one of the most difficult emotional events of your life. The pain and agony of divorce is often compared to the death of a parent. On top of the emotional struggle, in a divorce you are faced with the separation of home and family. If you are not able to calmly agree on “What’s yours” and “What’s mine” a mediator can be utilized to assist in making those fair determinations. A mediator basically takes the place of a judge, without judgement, if you are considering having the divorce litigated.

Here are some common misconceptions:

Misconception: You thought mediation was for couple to reconcile differences.

Truth: Divorce mediation is not marriage counseling. The goal is to effect a balanced settlement

Misconception: Your and your spouse must be civil for mediation to work

Truth: Mediators are trained to deal with volatile situation.

Misconception: If you use a mediator, you won’t need an attorney

Truth: Couples are urged to have an attorney to give legal advice and review documents

Misconception: You will have to pay a large sum of money for mediation to begin

Truth: Mediation is often paid as you go. The fees and hourly rates are made very clear

Misconception: You will have to compromise too much and allow someone else to decide what is fair

Truth: Mediators focus on an equitable balance

Misconception: Since the children are hurting regardless you might as well just let a judge decide

Truth: Litigation is by nature adversary, promoting tension. Mediation promotes cooperation

Misconception: Mediation won’t help because you are not willing to budge

Truth: Mediation often allows for both parties to express their feelings in order to come to agreements financial items.

Misconception: Your spouse is an emotional bully and you fear that she/he will bulldoze the mediation

Truth: Mediation uses a psychologist and lawyer team to mitigate difficult relationship norms, so equality can be achieved

Misconception: You and your spouse must be civil for mediation to work

Truth: Mediators are trained to deal with volatile situation

The purpose of divorce mediation is to assist the dissolving parties in coming to agreements that are financially beneficial and that are in the best interest of the children. The conversations may be emotionally charged but the mediators will serve as neutral agents that are most concerned about overall resolve and satisfaction of all involved.

Don Harris is an advocate for Divorce Mediation as a first option. Call today for a consultation and learn more about divorce mediation.

Source for misconceptions: 10 Misconceptions About Divorce Mediation

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