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COVID-19 Updates:

In order to prevent/slow the spread of COVID-19 New Mexico Financial and Family Law has implemented the following:

All staff has been set-up to work remotely from home if they so choose.

Any exposure to COVID by an employee results in mandated remote working for 11 days. Upon notification of COVID exposure, the office is first sanitized followed by a professional cleaning crew coming in and thoroughly cleaning the office. All staff is asked to take a COVID test and provide negative results before returning to the office. NMDOH is notified of exposure.

We are currently not seeing clients or visitors in the office (with a few exceptions). Zoom conferences and phone calls are our primary method of contact.

The building cleaning crew, who normally enters the office to empty trash bins, has been told not to enter our office. Instead, we leave our trash outside of the office in the hall.

Distancing, mask required, and no entry signs are posted in the front window. A doorbell was installed to be rung for assistance. Packages are left in the hallway. Facemasks, gloves, and hand sanitizer are also readily available throughout the office.

The office manager participated in the NM Certification training for COVID safety and received a certificate of compliance. The All Together New Mexico COVID Safe Practices guidelines are available to everyone in the reception area. Important health and safety updates are posted in the kitchen.

All staff has been provided with registration sites for testing and vaccinations.

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