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Filing for Bankruptcy is the responsible thing to do!

The word Bankruptcy has a huge negative stigma. How could filing for bankruptcy possibly be the responsible thing to do?

Some people believe that filing for bankruptcy is irresponsible. Well, option #2 is to just continue to neglect paying your debt, get further behind and admit that you’ll never be able to change your financial position. You’ll never have a credit card, own a home or be able to buy are car. Financially, the option of denial would be the end of the world!

End of the World

Filing for bankruptcy is a serious decision!

The primary reason to consider filing is because without it, you will never be able to pay off your debt.

You are HERE! You have painted yourself into a corner. You didn’t mean to. You weren’t paying attention. You were living, having fun… or maybe you lost your job or had a long term illness, or a sick family member who created large hospital bills.

The companies who offer credit to the everyday, working class American, are banking on the fact that we will spend beyond our means and never, be able to achieve a $0.00 balance again. The interest schedule is set up especially to ensure we don’t make that final payment. Of course, when they sell it to us, they never mention those things. They talk about the perks and “spending power.” Then, when we miss a payment date, or go over our limit, or break other “small print” rules, they raise our percentage rate.

There are also many, I know someone who is going through this now, who take chances with investments or business ventures that turn out to be unsuccessful. They begin hoping that the business will earn enough income so they will not only be able to pay off burrowed funds but also make a profit in the end. As we know, investments and business ventures are not a sure thing. The only sure thing is the fact that you are expected to pay back the initial funds … with interest.

New Beginnings

Yes, filing for bankruptcy may be the most responsible thing you can do right now. Don’t do it alone, Schedule a Consultation with an experienced Albuquerque bankruptcy attorney. Make the right choice and create a New Beginning for yourself and your family.

We are a debt relief agency and have practiced bankruptcy law for a combined 50 years. Our services include helping individuals and couples file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code. 

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