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Child Custody & Visitation Summary

“Custody” is a term that has a general or popular meaning and a specific legal meaning that are very different under New Mexico law. When people think of the parent who has “custody,” they usually mean the parent who cares for the child most often. However, the term “custody” has a particular legal meaning under the law which means the right to participate in major decisions affecting the child, such as which schools to attend, the child’s religion, which activities the child participates in, and medical treatment. In New Mexico, most divorced parents have “joint legal custody” of their children, even if one parent lives out of state or is only minimally involved in the child’s life.

Custody, Parenting Plan, Time Share

In New Mexico, when divorcing or separating parents engage in a legal dispute over “custody,” they are usually only actually disputing the “time share.” “Time share,” or “time sharing,” is the legal term in New Mexico for the amount of time, and how it should be divided, that is to be set forth in a “parenting plan” in the usual circumstance where both parents are minimally fit enough to have “joint custody.”

There are very few divorce issues that need more attention and care than those involving underage children. New Mexico Financial and Family Law is acutely aware of the need for appropriate custody and time-sharing arrangements. If one of the parents is an inappropriate custodian, we will be a strong advocate before the courts for the children and the appropriate parent.

Divorce Law as Practiced by New Mexico Financial and Family Law

When you are going through a divorce, you are likely experiencing one of the most stressful events you are likely to experience in your lifetime. Your divorce lawyer should be providing important guidance on all of your divorce related issues during this difficult time.

Divorce cases may become complex due to issues involving financial assets and liabilities, spousal support, child custody and child support. Sometimes, a case will have only one challenging issue, but it has important emotional or financial issues attached which make it difficult to resolve. You want and need the support of an experienced attorney who can assist you through all of the processes and, when needed, call upon experts to support your case.

New Mexico Financial and Family Law knows the law, knows the system and can provide wise and experienced counsel that often provides the key to resolving challenging situations. He has a proven success record in achieving results through negotiation or mediation, and, where mediated results cannot be achieved, prevailing in litigation.

You want a divorce lawyer who knows New Mexico Divorce Law, is your strongest advocate, and will represent all of your interests and those of your children. Our firm has a long and proven record, over 20 years, in getting our clients good results. You also want an attorney who can connect you with the support structure you may need during difficult times. Please contact our firm when you need help in getting the results you want.

When You Really Want New Mexico Financial and Family Law!

When divorces are not simple you want and need an experienced Albuquerque area New Mexico divorce attorney protecting all your interests; protecting your safety, protecting your children, and protecting your personal and financial future. As highly experienced divorce lawyers, New Mexico Financial and Family Law makes sure that his clients get the full protection that New Mexico law allows and, when called for, the clients are supported by his team of professionals; accountants, medical & mental health professionals and financial advisors. New Mexico Financial and Family Law help to assure that both his client’s present and future are equally protected!

If your family law issue or divorce goes to a hearing, you want to be the one with New Mexico Financial and Family Law at your table!

Divorce and Family Law Related Issues

New Mexico Family Law encompasses a great many areas and the legal strategy and results are highly dependent on a particular case’s or client’s circumstances. New Mexico Financial and Family Law can assist you in addressing all of the legal matters related to Family and Divorce Law. On our New Mexico Financial and Family Law web pages we provide pertinent information on many of the topics in this area but proper legal representation requires detailed discussions between the lawyer and the client on New Mexico Law and your particular circumstance.

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