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Choosing Divorce, Divorce Litigation, and Divorce Mediation – Taking Stock of Your Options, Part 1

Dealing With the Stress of Divorce

How does your spouse feel about the divorce, and how well can you communicate about it?

Divorce is stressful. Depending on which experts and surveys you look at, it’s often ranked as the #2 most traumatic life experience Americans go through, second only to the death of a family member. There are a number of things that make it so stressful. First, you have the known stressors. You know you’re going to have to spend your time and money, change living and family arrangements, even lose friends and time with your children. Then there are the unknowns. Who will get which assets and debts? How will a judge rule on the case? How will you deal with the decrease in income and increase in expenses? How will the children react? For most people, the unknowns are a far greater source of stress than the knowns. So, how can we mitigate these unknown stressors? How can a someone going through divorce take back control of their circumstances and begin to answer these vexing questions? Well, the best way to start is with a skilled and experienced attorney on your side.

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Choosing Divorce

Few decisions a person makes in their life carry more weight than the decision to divorce. Often, even if one spouse feels there is no hope of saving the relationship, they may have a hard time committing to the finality of it. After all, most of the time, their actions have serious consequences for many of the people they care about most. Many more people enter the process of divorce with complete commitment, but are still wildly unprepared for the ordeal to come. Generally speaking, the less the spouses prepare and communicate, the more likely it is to deteriorate into a bitter, prolonged, and mutually damaging battle.

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