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A legal consultation can be the best first step to hiring the right attorney for legal issues you may be facing.

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A legal consultation is a conference between yourself and an attorney. The purpose is to briefly discuss your case to determine whether the attorney is the right person for the job. It also acts as a foundation of a relationship between you and the attorney. Legal fees are discussed during a legal consultation as well. Expectations and end results can be outlined during this consultation. There are many benefits to a legal consultation for both the client and the attorney. You want to make the best use of the time offered because they are typically less than an hour long. Below, I have outlined what to do to make the most of your legal consultation.

Bring all paperwork. Make sure to bring all documents related to your case. It’s even more beneficial to make copies of the paperwork to give to the attorney for his files.

Take notes. Before your legal consultation, take notes on any questions or comments you have for the attorney. Most likely, you will not remember everything when you’re in his office. This is the time to let him know what your expectations are. Your attorney will let you know the possible outcomes and how to best move forward in your situation.

Dress for business. Be sure to dress well. Rule of thumb is to dress as if you were applying for a job. Although it is understandable that your case is stressful, it will help you feel in control if you are dressed for success in business attire.

100 % honesty. Your attorney is able to help you more effectively with all the information. Be honest and include details and issues that are relevant to your case, even though it may be embarrassing or you’re afraid to share. Your attorney keeps everything you say in the strictest confidence. As your attorney, he will not share this private information with anyone else.

Discuss costs. Your attorney will take this time to discuss the cost of his fees. It is important for you to be prepared to discuss what you can and can not afford. Many attorneys may be open to discussing a payment plan. Be sure to get any fees discussed for your case in writing before you leave.

Start a File. Regardless of the details of your case, you want to start your own file for your case. A file is a safe place for all the important paperwork, fees, agreements, contact information, etc. This will ensure you will keep track of all the same documents your attorney has for your case.

Ask questions. Your attorney is in the business to help you. Make sure to ask questions. It is important to understand your case and the process your attorney will take to help with your case.

Listen. Your attorney is a legally-trained professional. His judgments are based on his education and experience. Listen to his advice and follow his guidance on what you should, or should not, do. This advice is always in the best interest of your case; always try to remember that.

Keep in mind that lawyers can not perform magic. Not every attorney wins every case. Sometimes, the best legal advice may not be what you want to hear. Trust his judgment, and that he has the best interest of your particular case in mind. When it comes to legal consultations, the more prepared you are beforehand, the more efficient your time will be spent during this consult. To schedule your consultation with us, contact us today!


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