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Business Disputes

In today’s fast paced, complex global business environment, business disputes are an unfortunate, but often unavoidable, fact of life. All managers dread business disputes, especially those with the potential to end in litigation. When a business dispute arises, taking the right steps is critical – in some cases, the future of the company may even be at stake. To better understand business disputes and how to handle them, let’s take a look at some different types of business disputes.

business disputes

External vs. internal business disputes

External business disputes occur between companies and an outside entity – either another company or a customer. If the dispute is with another company, the first thing you should do is review your contract with that company. If one party is guilty of breach of contract, that may simplify the dispute. If the dispute is with a customer, and no contract governs the interaction, then it’s a good idea to review any regulations that may apply. Remember, just because you’re in the right doesn’t mean you should dig into your position. Even if you would be victorious in litigation, your interests may be better served by settling the matter through mediation or arbitration.

Internal business disputes occur within a company, between employees, partners, or former employees. These disputes are often governed by employment law, so you’ll also want to begin by reviewing any appropriate regulations. One way to minimize them is with a strong, streamlined set of SOPs for hiring and firing employees. If you’re dealing with an internal business dispute, document everything you can and get the help of a qualified attorney as early as possible to minimize the damage to your business.

If you’re dealing with a business dispute, you’re going to need a lawyer well versed in litigation as well as alternative dispute resolution. Don Harris is a member of the International Association of Collaborative Professionals and the New Mexico Collaborative Practice Group, as well as an experienced trial lawyer. Wherever your business dispute leads, Don has the skills necessary to represent your interests. Give us a call today.

Business Disputes


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