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The Expanding Roles of Alternative Dispute Resolution, Part 2

According to data submitted by the US to the APEC forum, 2017 will see 942 million e-commerce business disputes. (1) According to an article by David Dodwell in the South China Morning Post, these disputes involved, on average, entities in six different nations with six different legal systems, and therefore made it necessary for the parties involved to hire six different lawyers to represent their interests.

The Expanding Roles of Alternative Dispute Resolution, Part 1

Alternative Dispute Resolution, or ADR, is a set of practices designed to resolve disputes between individuals as well as businesses without the need for litigation. Since it avoids the courtroom, ADR tends to be faster and cheaper than litigation, and also offers the benefit of confidentiality.

Resolving Business Disputes Through Mediation

The question is, when a business dispute arises, what is the best way to proceed? When handled poorly, business disputes can destroy reputations as well as companies. Some business disputes are always going to end up in a courtroom. However, in some cases, mediation is a more effective strategy.

What You Need to Know – Business Disputes

In today’s fast paced, complex global business environment, business disputes are an unfortunate, but often unavoidable, fact of life. All managers dread business disputes, especially those with the potential to end in litigation.

Contract Disputes in the Construction Industry – Part 2

When it comes to project delays that incur additional cost, there are two categories: excusable and inexcusable delays. Generally speaking, only inexcusable delays will allow an owner to recover damages from a contractor, or a contractor from a subcontractor. Let’s look at the difference between excusable and inexcusable delays in contract disputes.

Contract Disputes in the Construction Industry – Part 1

Contracts are foundational to the way we do business in the modern world. Consequently, contract violations can be very serious and costly. One area where penalties for contract disputes are common and can be very expensive is in the construction industry.

How to Prevent Business Disputes

No business owner or partner ever wants to think any bad feelings could ever arise between them, their partners, vendors, or customers. Unfortunately it is all too common.

How to avoid Breach of Contract?

The legal definition of breach of contract is: failing to perform any term of a contract, written or oral, without a legitimate legal excuse.

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