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Getting a Divorce – Suggested Actions for A Better Outcome Part 2

Part Two – What not to do before getting a divorce

As stated in part one of this series: divorce is never easy and divorce is not fun. It is a legal proceeding made more difficult by a broad range of emotions. We always recommend a divorce lawyer to help you get the best result.

In Part One we listed 10 suggested things to do before your divorce.

In Part Two let’s review a list of things NOT to do prior to your divorce. These suggestions can go a long way to help you with the best results from your divorce.

#1. Do not move out or vacate your house prior to the divorce unless ordered by the court.

#2. Do not share your feeling or any stories about your spouse with your children. They will have enough issues without you adding to them, and using them against your spouse will surely backfire on you. In fact, if you are ordered to move out of your house, make every effort to spend as much friendly time as possible with your children.

#3. Get your own divorce lawyer. Do not use your spouse’s lawyer. (Really!)

#4. Do not hire any lawyer who is negative about your case or has a negative outlook on the outcome of your case.

#5. Do not in any circumstance discuss and type of settlement (or anything else) with the lawyer representing your wife without your lawyer being present to represent your interests.

#6. This goes without saying but – Do not move in with another woman, and do not buy and high priced toys like cars and boats. Rely solely upon psychologist or expert witnesses to win your case.

#7. Do not volunteer anything not ordered. Do not volunteer to pay for anything not ordered by the court thinking it will win you points with the court. It will not.

These “do not” suggestion will help you stay out of trouble with the court, and help you realize the best overall outcome if you are getting a divorce. Again, if you are considering divorce, or have been served with divorce papers we urge you to contact our office for the best legal representation.

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