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Getting a Divorce – Suggested Actions for A Better Outcome Part 3

Part Three of Getting a Divorce – What To Do During the Trial

As stated in part one of this series: getting a divorce is never easy and divorce is not fun. It is a legal proceeding made more difficult by a broad range of emotions. We always recommend a divorce lawyer to help you get the best result.

In Part One we listed 10 suggested things to do before your divorce.

In Part Two we listed things NOT to do prior to your divorce.

For this article, let’s look at things to do during the divorce trial.

#1. Regardless of your attorney’s advice, be sure to attend every single event having to do with your divorce, including court sessions, depositions and anything else. This is YOUR divorce and affects the rest of your life!

#2. Make a copy of all documents pertaining to your divorce. Keep the original in your files (stored safely and privately) and send copies to your lawyer. (They love paperwork!)

#3. Be sure to stay aware of all costs for both your attorney and your spouses.

#4. Do everything in your power to keep all children out of the court, out of the fight and out of the middle of your divorce. They have enough to deal with without being used as pawns in a potential ugly fight.

#5. If at any time you are offered a reasonable settlement – accept it. Better the deal you know than the one you ‘might’ get.

#6. If you are not awarded custody of your children (if that is what you want), then make sure the visitation rules are specific. This will remove any further possibility of conflict over misunderstandings.

Getting a Divorce – Suggested Actions for A Better Outcome and our other suggestions will help you get the best results while in court, and help you realize the best overall outcome if you are getting a divorce. Again, if you are considering divorce, or have been served with divorce papers we urge you to contact our office for the best legal representation.

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