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Attorney Learns to Ride a Bike!

Just like learning to ride a bike, legal professionals needs to learn and practice to become experienced.

Anyone in any field, hobby or point in their life knows that with experience comes knowledge and skill. When you focus on learning and practicing a skill, like riding a bike, you develop different levels of skill before you become an expert. The Legal Profession is no different. Your experience creates a better understanding as well as adapting physical and mental performance expertise.

Child riding a bike with dad

In the World Of The Law, there are many reasons why experience is crucial to success.

The law is an ever changing creature. Changes in the law happen locally, statewide and nationwide. An experienced legal professional spends the beginning of their education and career learning how to research and study cases, laws and decisions. The process of building a case involves logically preparing an argument. The argument will be heard by other attorneys and judges who have also studied the law as well as jurors who may be completely unaware of the law.

Experience evolves when a lawyer:

  • Builds arguments using documented evidence.
  • Supports understanding of evidence with documented prior case outcomes.
  • Proves similarities or differences between prior outcomes and the case at hand.
  • Presents evidence to create understand to judges, opposing lawyers or jurors.
  • Forms a reputation of integrity, professionalism, trustworthiness and successful outcomes.

Why you want a Lawyer Who Knows How To Ride A Bike!

When you seek a lawyer to represent you in a legal matter, you have A Lot To Lose! You need to work with someone who understands through knowledge, practice and notable experience how to win you the best outcome. Particularly in matters of finance and divorce, the potential for success or failure could forever change your life.


New Mexico Financial Law, lead by Don Harris can offer you just that. Don Harris has 25 Years of legal experience in the specialty areas of Family LawDivorce Law and Bankruptcy LawTo get the most promising representation, select a legal team with the greatest successful experience. Call New Mexico Financial Law, today! (505) 503-1637

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